"When It Has To Work"

Oil Spill Containment Booms

Our diverse line of Oil Spill Containment Booms, from the Foam-filled and Compactible booms to the world famous ReelPak Boom System, provide a solution to meet nearly every need.

ReelPak™ Boom Systems

SeaCurtain ReelPak Boom Systems are the premier, state-of-the-art boom systems in the world. Self-inflating during deployment, there is no need for pumps or other ancillary equipment and there are no check valves to close. Even the largest systems require only one Control Console operator and one tow boat for deployment. With it’s reserve closed cell foam flotation and compartmented design, ReelPak Booms provide maximum heave response and are unsinkable! Recovery is quick and easy, the self-baling design insures maximum self-compaction onto the reel.


Compactible™ Boom

SeaCurtain Compactible Booms are self-inflating, have no valves and require no auxiliary equipment to be fully operational. With a compaction ratio of 5:1 this proven boom can be quickly and easily deployed in a wide variety of situations, automatically expanding to their full continuous cylindrical shape to operate and breathe at atmospheric pressure. Recovery and compaction is easy, assisted by the built-in compaction rope running the full length of the boom.



The SeaCurtain Barrel-O-Boom System offers up to 150’ of self-inflating SuperCompactible oil spill containment boom for fast easy deployment. With it’s compact storage ratio of 12:1, the system is stored in a durable, stackable plastic drum complete and ready to use with a tow adapter at each end and includes a tow bridle, two tow lines and sorbent pads. Recovery is easy, pulling the built-in compaction rope, the boom quickly deflates and compacts the boom.


Foam-filled Boom

SeaCurtain Foam-filled Booms are the most proven product in Oil Spill Containment. With 100% RF welded seams for maximum strength and reliability, lightweight, full closed cell foam flotation and continuous bottom tension/ballast, SeaCurtain Foam-filled booms have had continuous acceptance for almost 40 years!



SeaCurtain PocketBoom Systems effectively contain oil spills in calm water. This ultra-lightweight boom is easy to use and 150’ stores compactly in it’s own protective portable storage locker.


Permanent Booms

SeaCurtain Permanent Booms are effective, rugged barriers for permanent installation around docks and piers.