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Marine Applications

TrashNet Debris Control Systems

The original TrashNet™ Debris Control Systems are designed to provide the best combination of performance, handling, flexibility, strength, durability and economy.  There are many options which address the methods of containment, diversion and removal that can be expected in the vast array of waterway current profiles.  These systems are constructed from a variety of fabrics which are resistant to abrasion, weather, hydrocarbons, UV, marine life growth and most chemicals.  Many other features are available and include choice of flotation, barrier construction, “high-load” enhancements, accessories and proprietary designs developed for many specific requirements over more than 30 years.


Silt Curtains (turbidity Barriers)

SeaCurtain™ Silt Curtains are designed to control the settling of silt suspended in water (turbidity) by providing a controlled area of containment. Turbidity is usually created by disrupting natural conditions through construction or dredging in the marine environment. The containment of settling solids is desirable to reduce the impact area of these solids.  Standard designs are available with a variety of fabric options, flotation sizes, load-bearing and ballast members, connectors and lengths to meet customer requirements.

SeaCurtain Marine Security Barrier

SeaCurtain Marine Security Barrier
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HydroRIB™ Breakwater System

Reelable Systems