"When It Has To Work"

The Kepner Story

Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. is a corporation founded under the laws of the State of California in 1961 to expand the partnership which had preceded it for about five years.  During the next ten years, the Company grew and became well known in industrial circles as one of the outstanding custom plastic fabricators in the world, making literally thousands of different, specialized products for industry and government.  Included in the development period were new products for pollution control starting with Kepner fabricated and installed pond liners as early as 1958.

On March 3, 1968, the Ocean Eagle tanker grounded in the entrance to San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico and broke up, spilling 83,400 barrels of crude oil.  Several containment methods were tried and failed before Kepner was called upon to create a containment solution to control the oil spill.  In response, Kepner designed at its home office in Torrance, California and completed manufacture in a warehouse in Puerto Rico, the first “SeaCurtain” oil spill containment boom.  The only conditions of that contract were, “If it works, we’ll pay you”.  It worked, and they did!

The experience was repeated when the Union Oil Platform “Alpha” had a blow-out in the Santa Barbara Channel on January 29, 1969, releasing 200,000 gallons of crude oil.  The name “SeaCurtain” became famous and Kepner started proprietary product marketing.  Well accepted and imitated by industry, SeaCurtain products have exceeded expectations and the line has grown to include a still expanding range of successful related products including SeaVac Skimmer Systems, SeaContainer Tanks and accessories, all distributed through a select global marketing network.

Kepner Plastics’ President, Frank Meyers, was one of the original 6 members to set up ASTM’s Committee F-20 on Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response in 1975 and has maintained an active role in writing and guiding the standards used by the industry for over 30 years.  While building its strong position in the Oil Spill and Pollution Control equipment industry, Kepner Plastics has still maintained its original objective: the Custom Fabrication of unique projects and proprietary products.  Kepner Plastics is proud to have many firsts  – from designing and installing plastic lake, pond and reservoir liners as early as 1958, inflatable and light duty structural Greenhouses, Clean rooms, Hovercraft Air Cushion systems and many other unique products for Industry – to providing a flexible Hydraulic Fluid Tank to NASA / Grumman who’s appreciation was shown with a “Thanks for helping us get the Lunar Lander off the Moon!”

Kepner Plastics, industry leader and innovator, is first in performance and reliability while remaining cost effective for custom plastic fabrications as well as pollution control equipment worldwide, the preferred choice by Oil and Industrial Companies, Aerospace, Clean-up Cooperatives, Utilities and Government agencies.

Recognizing the quality of the product, Elastec approached Kepner President, Frank Meyers, and made an offer to acquire the entire product line and assets. Elastec CEO, Mark Hilliard commented “The technology that Kepner has developed will fit perfectly into the Elastec family of products. We are looking forward to working with their existing clients as well as introducing their equipment to new users.” As of April 29, 2022, all inquiries to Kepner Plastics will be received by Elastec. “We look forward to continuing the tradition of building equipment that has to work.” Hilliard added.

Kepner Plastics  –  “When it has to work!”