"When It Has To Work"


Our portable skimmers are easily deployed and operate effectively in shallow water. Our self-propelled skimmer has minimum manpower requirements and is very effective and maneuverable.

Harbor Skimmer

The SeaVac Harbor Skimmer is a highly versatile, effective, self-propelled skimmer system with low draft, highly maneuverable with high capacity for a wide range of spill conditions. The system comes complete with a Heavy Duty SeaVac Delta Skimmer System.


Delta™ Skimmer

SeaVac Delta Skimmer Systems are rugged, heavy duty, low draft systems which come complete with skimmer assembly, pump, hoses and positioning wand. The skimmer assembly includes self-adjusting weir doors, debris screens, auxiliary suction ports, a vortex breaker and flotation.


Mini Skimmer

The SeaVac Mini-Skimmer is an effective solution to the need to conduct skimming activities in small spaces. This was designed in answer to a customers’ need to be able to drop a skimmer down a man hole.