"When It Has To Work"

Oil Spill Response Paks

These complete Response Paks contain all the equipment needed for Containment or Recovery in a rugged, easy to operate, versativel, stackable, stowable aluminum box.

Response Module Container

The Heavy Duty Response Module is constructed to provide a maximum of convenience and versatility without compromising strength, durability and utility.  Made of salt water corrosion resistant materials, each module is stackable, has recessed front and back forklift access, a removable lid, front loading doors with over 180o door swing, unique recessed lift points and many other unusual features.  These engineered Heavy Duty Response Modules can be used for our standard Containment or Recovery Module or a custom Module assembled for your specific needs.


Containment Module

The standard Containment Module includes 500’ of 8” x 12” Compactible Boom, 1 PocketBoom System with 150’ of boom, 2 tow bridles, 2 tow lines and a Boom Repair Kit. The Containment Module can be customized to meet your requirements.

Recovery Module

The standard Recovery Module includes one Heavy Duty Delta Skimmer System, one 2,500 gallon SeaContainer EZ Tank System, sorbent boom and pads, 5 sets of personnel protective equiptmen, spare parts and non-sparking tool kits. The recovery Module can be customized to meet your requirments.